RFK Jr. Discusses Ties To Epstein

RFK Jr. Discusses Ties To Epstein

(RepublicanPress.org) – Financier Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted sex trafficker and pedophile who died by suicide in a New York jail cell in late summer 2019. Several prominent figures visited Epstein’s private island over the years, their names surfacing after his death and during his assistant’s trial for aiding him during his nefarious deeds. Her name is Ghislaine Maxwell, and she was convicted of aiding her partner in obtaining and abusing underage girls. Recently, a presidential candidate spoke out about his association with the pair.

On December 6, in discussion with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. admitted he flew on Epstein’s private jet multiple times. He said he, his wife, and their two children flew on the aircraft to visit his mother in Palm Beach for a holiday. Apparently, his late wife had some kind of “relationship” with Maxwell. Kennedy didn’t elaborate on that point. The presidential candidate said he and his family also flew on the “Lolita Express” to South Dakota to hunt for fossils. That was in 1993, “before anybody knew” about Epstein and his crimes.

Kennedy said he never hid his relationship with Epstein or Maxwell. the New York Post said his family and the Maxwells have had a connection spanning decades. However, the outlet also stated that Kennedy previously claimed he only flew on Epstein’s jet once — not twice. The presidential candidate said anyone associated with Epstein and his crimes should be exposed — especially “high-level political people.” Kennedy said the public should have “real answers” on the matter. He added he doesn’t understand why there are redactions in the records, hiding facts from people in the US. According to Newsweek, a few prominent names listed on Epstein’s jet manifesto already include former Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, Senator John Glenn (R-OH), billionaire Bill Gates, and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-ME).

Still, whether a person was listed on Epstein’s flight log does not indicate whether or not they were guilty of a crime.

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