RFK: Biden a “Much Worse Threat To Democracy” Than Trump

(RepublicanPress.org) – Former President Donald Trump has been talking about revenge and retribution, and many on the Left are concerned about him re-entering the White House in 2025. Some even speculate that democracy itself is in danger if Trump wins a second term. However, another candidate running for president in 2024 believes he’s not the biggest threat to democracy—the current president holds that position.

Who Said That?

On April 1, controversial Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sat for an interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” The politician said he could “make the argument” that President Joe Biden is a “much worse threat to democracy” than Trump. He accused the US leader of using the federal government to “censor” the former president. Kennedy also blamed Biden for his ban from social media in 2021 after he shared misinformation about vaccines and the pandemic.

On the other hand, the candidate admitted that Trump was also unsuited for the White House, given his alleged participation in “trying to overthrow the election” in 2020 and the danger that posed to America. Kennedy said he wouldn’t defend the former president, stating what he did was “appalling,” adding “many things that [he] has done” fit that category. Still, the Independent candidate indicated he puts threats to the First Amendment above all else. So, if he had to choose between Biden and Trump’s threat level toward democracy, he would have to go with the president.

Responses to Kennedy’s Claim

The next day, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Senior Advisor Mary Beth Cahill released a statement reacting to Kennedy’s interview. She said nothing compares to “summoning a mob to the Capitol and promising to be a dictator on day one.” Cahill claimed that Kennedy was just upset because he was stopped from “pushing conspiracy theories online,” prompting him to state Biden was more of a threat to democracy. The senior advisor was shocked that Kennedy was able to say that “with a straight face.” She said his latest declaration only proved he was a spoiler plant for MAGA.

But the presidential candidate indicated he wasn’t concerned about being a spoiler because he doesn’t think Biden or Trump should be in the White House. Kennedy said neither one can solve the problems plaguing America and this is his “chance” to make a positive change in government. He vowed to stay in the race, regardless of what much of his family thinks. He said the dangers to America as a whole are “too great” for him to give up.

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