Restaurant Under Fire After Staff Asks Police to Leave

Restaurant Under Fire After Staff Asks Police to Leave

( – There’s a lot of news these days regarding relations between members of the public and the nation’s law enforcement agencies. However, a recent incident in a California restaurant stands out from the others.

On December 3, Rachel Sillcocks, the co-owner of San Francisco restaurant Hilda and Jesse, posted a since-deleted statement on the restaurant’s Instagram account explaining the decision to ask a group of police officers to leave. According to the post, staff members were uncomfortable in the presence of uniformed law enforcement officials and their “multiple weapons.”

As one might expect, members of the public quickly responded to the incident online. Scores of individuals flooded the restaurant’s listing on Yelp, driving its rating down to a paltry one-star. Yelp placed a red flag across the top of the listing advising that it was monitoring the listing for “content related to media reports.” It also posted an Unusual Activity Alert on the page and temporarily disabled comments until it could determine if the content “reflects actual consumer experiences.”

On December 6, the restaurant apologized for the unfortunate incident. Its post expressed gratitude for the San Francisco Police Departments’ ongoing efforts to keep the community safe “during these challenging times.” The post also said the restaurant hoped the incident could serve as a teaching moment as it continues to mend its relations with the police. “We handled this badly,” the post concluded.

What do you think? Is this a teachable moment or something else?

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