Responses Pour in After Attacks on Israel

Responses Pour in After Attacks on Israel

( – Early in the morning on October 7, Hamas — a Palestinian militant group — launched a surprise attack against Israel. After firing thousands of rockets at various locations in the country, the terrorist group entered Israel over land, sea, and air — killing at least 700 Israelis, injuring thousands, and taking several hostages into the Gaza Strip. The leader of the military wing of Hamas, Muhammad Deif, said the attack was to show Israel their actions have consequences.

After the horrific event, several US leaders and those vying for positions of power in the United States responded to the attack by Hamas. On the day of the incident, President Joe Biden released a statement announcing he spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that morning. He said the “United States unequivocally condemns [the] appalling assault against Israel.”

Biden told the PM that America will give his country and people “all appropriate means of support,” adding there is never a justification for terrorism. The president vowed to stay in contact with Netanyahu throughout the ordeal.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) condemned the attack in a brief statement posted on his X, formerly known as Twitter, page. “Make no mistake” about it, Hamas is slaughtering Israeli civilians, he proclaimed. He also vowed that America would “stand with [its] dear ally, Israel,” and support the country’s “right to defend itself.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also condemned the attacks, calling Hamas’ actions “absolutely horrific.” He also said the US stands with Israel. Schumer’s sentiment was shared by several others, including House Speaker pro tempore Patrick McHenry (R-NC), Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chair Mark Warner (D-VA).

Republican presidential candidates Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence shared their support for Israel. They each feel the country has the right to defend itself. All of the legislators, leaders, and potential US leaders were united on that front.

According to the Associated Press, the Israeli military has stopped all fuel, food, and supplies deliveries to the Gaza Strip as the conflict continues. About 2.3 million people live in that area. Netanyahu said on the day of the attack that Israel was now “at war and [his country] will win.”

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