Researchers Release Long-Awaited Study on Ancient Whale With Four Legs

Researchers Uncover Fossil of Ancient Whale With Four Legs

( – In the fast-paced world of the internet and the 24-hour news cycle, it’s hard to imagine anything taking weeks, much less years, anymore. However, that’s exactly what happened with the discovery of an ancient whale with four legs.

On August 25, 2021, an international team of researchers from Egypt’s Mansoura University published their long-awaited study of the fossilized remains of an ancient four-legged whale. Discovered in 2008, scientists named the whale Phiomicetus Anubis. The first portion of the name combines the location of its discovery, the Fayum Depression, with Cetus, the Latin word for whale. Anubis refers to the Egyptian God of the Dead.

Scientists say with its sharp teeth and 1,320-pound body mass, the P. Anubis would have been one of its region’s deadliest predators, making it an apt name.

Abdullah Gohar, the study’s lead author, said the P. Anubis is an important whale species, a “critical discovery” for paleontologists. Asked about the whale’s killing ability, Abdullah, the lead author of the study, said its “fierce” and “deadly” jaws could tear through a wide variety of prey. It’s believed the four-legged whale captured and killed other whale species and crocodiles, both on land and underwater.

Scientists are particularly enthusiastic about the study’s release since they know little about early whales’ transition from land animals to sea mammals.

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