Republicans Take Important House Seat

Republicans Take Important House Seat

( – While the media devotes an excessive amount of attention to national elections, more often than not, state assemblies have a more significant impact on residents than the work accomplished at the federal level in Washington DC. A recent special election in Iowa advanced Republican control of the state House when a GOP candidate scored a victory in a traditionally Democratic district.

On Tuesday, October 12, Republican pastor and tax advisor Jon Dunwell defeated Democratic rival Steve Mullen for a vacant seat in Iowa’s 29th District. The Jasper County Auditor’s Office reported Dunwell scored a resounding victory by picking up nearly 60% of the votes compared to Mullen’s 40%.

Dunwell spoke with the Newton Daily News shortly after learning of his victory. He called his win “unbelievably exciting,” adding how it was humbling that the people selected him to represent their interests in the state House.

The congressman-elect said that “community engagement [was] very important” as is making sure that everyone has a seat at the table. “I have a conservative philosophy,” he added. “The team that I work with is for the Republicans.” Dunwell concluded his remarks by stating that party affiliation is the means and not the end to achieving his conservative goals.

Dunwell’s victory gives Iowa Republicans a 60 to 40 majority in the state House, their largest lead since Democrats took a nationwide beating in the 2010 midterm elections.

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