Republicans Prioritize Education Amid Race to Midterms

Republicans Prioritize Education Amid Race to Midterms

( – Republicans are eager to take back the House and Senate in the upcoming midterm elections. If history is any indicator, they should do well, particularly with proper preparation. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently teamed up to make that happen.

The two committees already scheduled five boot camps to educate Republican staffers and operatives about the party’s available data and digital resources in hopes of sweeping the upcoming midterm elections.

RNC Deputy Chief Data Officer Justin Kemp recently told Fox News that, unlike traditional training sessions, these camps would include workshops hosted by top GOP consultants and senior ranking staff members.

The RNC and NRCC hosted three boot camps earlier this year in California, Texas, and New Hampshire. The remaining two should take place later this year. As Kemp explained, the RNC is heavily invested in its “data, digital, and [technology-based] operations.”

Kemp stressed that the RNC and NRCC want to ensure everyone from activists to campaign managers “have [sic] the skill and knowledge” to properly leverage all available tools to conduct “effective and efficient” campaigns.

Will this provide the advantage Republicans need to get ahead of the game and retake the House and Senate?

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