Republicans Demand Answers About FAA Flight Ban

Republicans Demand Answers About FAA Flight Ban

( – Controversy continues to explode in the wake of recent revelations that Customs and Border Patrol agents (CBP) are warehousing thousands of migrants in a makeshift camp under an overpass straddling the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas. On September 16, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a temporary flight restriction, including drones, for the airspace over the encampment.

A group of Republicans from the House Oversight Committee wrote a letter to the FAA demanding answers from the agency regarding its decision to issue the temporary flight ban. Led by Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the representatives accused the agency of flexing its authority as part of an effort to protect the Biden administration from the release of potentially embarrassing images and videos of the situation in Del Rio.

The letter stated that the use of government resources to conduct “blatant censorship” was an impermissible “abuse of power” that must be stopped. The lawmakers also accused the FAA of promoting a lack of transparency surrounding the Biden administration’s efforts to combat the mounting border crisis.

The agency issued a statement claiming it initiated the flight ban due to concerns regarding “drones interfering with law enforcement flights” at the US-Mexico border in Del Rio.

The FAA did end up providing exceptions to the restriction to a few news organizations, including Fox News.

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