Republicans Commit to Defeating Gavin Newsom Despite Recall Results

Voters Commit to Defeating Gavin Newsom Despite Recall Results

( – On September 14, Californians decided the fate of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. Millions of voters wanted to recall him over his radical leftist policies. However, the unofficial results posted by the California secretary of state showed 63.8% of the ballots said “no” to the question of whether to remove him. Election officials will certify the results on October 22.

Undeterred by that outcome, opponents of the embattled governor vowed to continue the fight to hold Newsom accountable for what they believe is his oppressive, tyrannical governing style. Jon Matthews, the head of California’s Conservative Party, told reporters the recall movement has been rekindled by unhappy Californians who say, “Yeah, we can do something” about Newsom.

Julie Haff, a member of the LA Republican executive board, reportedly told The Federalist her office received numerous phone calls from people wanting to volunteer to help push back against Newsom’s policies. She and Matthews both say a huge effort is already underway to vote the governor out of office in the upcoming 2022 elections.

At the end of the day, Newsom survived the recall on the numbers. Registered Democrats currently outnumber Republicans by a wide margin in California. However, if Haff and Matthew have their way, could those numbers reverse by the next time Newsom faces voters?

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