Reporters Forced Out Abruptly After First Biden Cabinet Meeting

Reporters Forced Out Abruptly After First Biden Cabinet Meeting

( – President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise of providing transparency. He did so from the safety of his home in Delaware where he could avoid questions from reporters. Now that he’s in office, he’s largely avoiding them from the comfort of the White House. In two months, he has only had one formal press conference.

On Thursday, April 1, Biden finally got around to holding his first cabinet meeting. During the event, he asked five cabinet members to “take special responsibility” and discuss the details of his $2-trillion infrastructure plan. Afterward, he didn’t bother taking any questions from the media. Instead, he had them ushered out of the White House’s East Room after a couple of minutes.

Biden thanked the press for attending the meeting, telling them he would speak to them “later.”

He may have good reason to want to avoid any questions from the press, particularly when it comes to his infrastructure plan. It faces opposition from Republicans and Democrats alike due to its massive tax increases.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently observed that there seems to be an effort to keep Biden away from reporters. His first cabinet meeting and swift dismissal of the press appear to support this idea.

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