Report Alleges Republican Candidate Threatened Political Rival

Report Alleges Republican Candidate Threatened Political Rival

( – On May 4, about six months after losing incumbent Rep. Charlie Crist last November in the general elections, Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna announced her campaign for the seat once again. Little did she know the bizarre chain of events that would overtake her campaign roughly a month later.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2021, Florida healthcare activist Erin Olszewski secretly recorded a disturbing phone call with a political rival: Republican William Braddock. The recording was reportedly made before he announced his bid for the same seat Luna hoped to fill.

Braddock had reached out to Olszewski several times already, sparking enough concern that she decided to record the call. Braddock warned her not to support Luna’s campaign. According to the recording, Braddock had access to a “hit squad” composed of Ukrainians and Russians.

The Plot Thickens

Braddock told Olszewski that he had a pollster who would conduct a survey “right before” the upcoming Republican primary. If Luna was leading in that poll, “she’s gonna be gone,” he promised.

Olszewski responded that she didn’t understand. Braddock said that he would phone his “hit squad,” and he would receive photographs of her “disappearing” within 24 hours. Continuing, he claimed the situation was “beyond [his] control” and that he wasn’t joking.

Olszewski followed up, asking Braddock if he was talking about using snipers. He responded negatively, that they were members of the Russian mafia and would use “TEC-9s, MAC-10s, [and] silencers” so the killing would be “up close and personal.” The recording also depicted him stating that way, they could make sure Luna was “gone.”

Luna and Olszewski Seek Help From Authorities

Olszewski turned the recording over to authorities working at the St. Petersburg Police Department in Florida and warned Luna about the call. Luna and Olszewski both sought and received a temporary restraining order against Braddock last week, and he formally announced his campaign for Crist’s seat on Monday, June 14.

Politico reached out to him for comment by text message, but Braddock refused to confirm or deny making the threat. Asked repeatedly whether he threatened to send hit squads after Luna, Braddock said he hadn’t heard the recording, that “there is no proof” it was him on the call. He also suggested that Olszewski may have “altered” or “edited” the recording.

Luna posted a statement on her Twitter page thanking everyone for their kind words and support. She also expressed her gratitude and that of her family to everyone and the law enforcement officials looking into the case. She said she would not provide further comments on the situation due to the ongoing investigations into the matter.

The candidate closed her remarks stating she was “confident” that all the facts in the case would be released to the public at the “appropriate time.”

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