Reminder: The Media Doesn’t Call the Election

Reminder: The Media Doesn't Call the Election

( – The country remains on edge as we await the final results of the presidential election. Election officials continue counting votes, campaign lawyers are filing lawsuits in several states, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) is reviewing allegations of election irregularities.

Amid all this chaos, members of the mainstream media prematurely declared Democratic nominee Joe Biden president-elect, although election workers continue counting votes in several states. The New York Times posted an election night tweet claiming it was up to the media to declare the election winner. As you can see below, they ended up deleting that tweet and posting another one explaining its role was limited to projecting a winner, not declaring one.

What the media isn’t telling you is presidents aren’t elected directly by the people. A vote for a candidate is actually a vote for their party’s elector. The Electoral College meets on December 14, 2020, and each elector casts their vote for president based on their state’s popular vote count.

No one else has the power to decide the election — only the Electoral College. It’s time for the mainstream media to step back and let the process continue as set forth by Article II of the US Constitution.

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