Recent Study Shows How Remote Learning Has Affected Students

Recent Study Shows How Remote Learning Has Affected Students

Economists Find TERRIFYING Trend Among 2.1 Million Students

( – When the pandemic hit America, schools shut down, and distance learning became the new normal for students. Even after the number of new COVID-19 cases began to fall and life started returning to normal, many schools still kept remote education as an option for students. Recently, The National Bureau of Economic Research recently completed a study of 2.1 million students, comparing test scores from 2019 and 2020. The results indicated a disturbing trend.

Over 10,000 schools from all 50 states and Washington, DC were included in this case study. Researchers first gathered data from actual achievement and student growth before the pandemic began. Then, it analyzed the scores from students’ projected achievement and growth after the pandemic. This method helped clarify which academic issues were a direct result of COVID-19. Race and poverty levels in each district were also considered throughout the process.

The results showed that children throughout all grade levels suffered a significant academic loss since remote learning began. Reading and math achievement specifically presented a drastic decline compared to past years of growth. High poverty districts displayed the greatest negative impact. Researchers concluded that distance education is the root cause of noteworthy achievement gaps throughout the nation.

The study also noted that not all parents or guardians can sit down with their children and encourage them to focus and learn. Many families have two working parents, some have single-parent homes, and others don’t have access to the proper digital equipment to complete remote academic requirements correctly.

The damage to America’s educational system and students will take time, money, and administrative attention to heal and rebuild. Though many leaders are aware of the decline in academic growth, little action has reportedly been made to get students back on track. Researchers stressed that if these achievement gaps aren’t mended, this generation will experience severe issues in, “future earnings, racial equity, and income inequality.”

Have you noticed an adverse impact on children due to COVID-based restrictions?

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