Ready to Become More Politically Active in 2024? Start Right in Your Area

Ready to Become More Politically Active in 2024? Start Right in Your Area

( – Going into any general election year, Americans become energized to make their voices heard in the United States. Most people use the power of their vote to amplify their views and make changes at a governmental level. While exercising your voting rights is key to a healthy democracy, there are other ways to get involved in politics and bring about the changes you’d like to see in the world. While presidential elections get most of the attention, local and state-level positions are just as important. Here are some ways to get politically active, starting in your own backyard.

Tips to Become More Active

Beyond registering to vote, one step you could take in your area is to attend town hall meetings in person to make your voice heard. Talk to your state politicians, ask questions, and find out where they really stand on the issues. It’s one of the best ways to get to know the leaders who are supposed to represent your interests and let them know what you expect while they’re in office. Here are two sources to search for upcoming town halls where you live — one for the House and another for the Senate.

City Council meetings work similarly in that you find out what your legislators are focusing on for your community. Check your city’s website for upcoming events in your area.

One area in politics that often gets overlooked is your local school board. Whether you have kids in school or not, the school boards set a vision, goals, and policies for the children in your town. You can attend meetings to find out what’s going on in local schools, ask questions, volunteer, and vote for who you want to direct your local youths’ education. Joining your local PTA is also another impactful way to communicate your views about the school system that impacts your community overall.

Other Active Ways to Get Involved

If you have a particular social issue you’re passionate about, gather a group of like-minded folks to support your cause. Join meetings together, organize petitions or protests and rallies, and write letters to local and state officials to communicate your viewpoint and lobby for change.

You could also join a campaign, work at a polling place, or volunteer at city, county, or state headquarters for your chosen party.

The bottom line is that democracy takes work, and using your voice (and vote) to bring about the America you want to see can be a satisfying way to gain some control over the trajectory of your town and your country.

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