Queen of England Dies After 7 Decades With the Title

Queen Elizabeth II Declared Dead at 96

Heartbreaking DEATH Reported – Remember This Event

(RepublicanPress.org) – On February 6, 1952, Queen Elizabeth II shed her title of princess and ascended to the throne following the unexpected death of her father, King George VI of England. Since her coronation in June 1953, she led the nation and her people for seven decades until her death on September 8.

The Royal Family officially announced her passing on Twitter, saying she “died peacefully at Balmoral,” which was said to be one of her favorite places. Officials didn’t relay a specific cause, but the monarch was 96 years old.

The queen’s immediate family members were with her during her last moments. When she passed, her son, Prince Charles, became the king of England. He released his first statement in the role, relaying his sadness at the passing of his “beloved Mother.”

Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip in November 1947. She was said to have fallen in love with him as soon as she met him, and that did not change throughout their 73-year marriage. The couple had had three sons and one daughter together. They stayed together until his passing in the spring of 2021. Known for her adherence to decorum, love of Corgis, colorful style, sense of humor, and grace, the monarch was admired by not only the people of her own kingdom, but many around the world.

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