Putin Wages Cold War Against NATO With Sinister New Move

Putin Wages Cold War Against NATO With Sinister New Move

Putin Puts Pressure On NATO Nations With Evil New Tactic

(RepublicanPress.org) – Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West leveled an increasing number of sanctions against the country. Eventually, it caused havoc on the country’s economy, most notably its currency: the ruble. In an effort to boost the ruble’s value, Russia demanded that countries purchasing energy from it pay in rubles only. Several countries refused, and now, Gazprom has targeted two major importers.

On Wednesday, April 27, Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy corporation, cut off supply to Poland and Bulgaria, which both refused to pay in rubles rather than Euros. Some seem to think it’s meant as a threat, as others have also refused to pay Russia in its currency but have yet to be shut off.

Poland regularly gets about 53% of its gas from Russia, and though it pledges to eventually cease imports from the country following its aggressions on Ukraine, that time has come a little sooner. While it’s not a disaster for Poland, it will likely be tight for the rest of the year. Bulgaria, on the other hand, imports 90% of its supply from Russia via the TurkStream pipeline. It doesn’t have the same stores as Poland, which can weather the storm through the rest of the year. Bulgaria has about 17% in its stores — enough for one month. However, the country isn’t largely reliant on gas, except for in certain industry sectors.

Both countries acknowledge prices may rise a bit, but ensure they’re able to make it through.

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