Protesters Interrupt DeSantis During Remarks

Protesters Interrupt DeSantis During Remarks

( – Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been touring Iowa, trying to garner enough votes to secure the Republican presidential nomination during the upcoming state primary. According to US News & World Report, the governor has visited all 99 of the state’s counties, speaking to voters in an attempt to pull ahead of his fellow GOP presidential candidates. During a recent televised town hall, DeSantis had to deal with a determined protester.

On January 9, it was reported that protesters got up on stage with DeSantis during the Des Moines Fox News event and partially unfurled a banner while chanting, “No oil money.” The people were quickly ushered off stage, and the incident didn’t seem to bother the presidential candidate. He said, “You know, you live, and you learn with these people, Right?” However, he didn’t elaborate on the comment beyond calling the disruption a “mistake.”

The Hill reported that the protesters belonged to an environmentalist group, Sunrise Movement, who released a statement to the outlet. The group said other activists “snuck in questions” during the town hall about the environment and promised further confrontations.

According to average polling reported by FiveThirtyEight on the day of the event, DeSantis sat with 17.2% support, 34.1% behind former President Donald Trump and only 1.4% ahead of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. The Iowa Republican caucus will happen on January 15, when voters in the state will decide who they want as the GOP candidate in November’s general election.

The Florida governor seemed undeterred by Trump’s lead, stating he’s used to being the “underdog,” according to The New York Post. The candidate reportedly said he’s taken the time to take questions “from everyone in all corners of the state,” which is more than his closest competitors can say. DeSantis said he’s “done it right” and believes that will make all the difference in Iowa.

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