Pro-Trump Phone Scam Resurfaces, Reports Say

Pro-Trump Phone Scam Resurfaces, Reports Say

( – Donald Trump has quietly enjoyed his time away from the spotlight since he moved to Mar-a-Lago earlier this year. Even still, he has kept his finger on the nation’s political pulse, promising to help Republicans take back the House in the 2022 midterms. However, while he works largely behind the scenes, scammers have reportedly been using his name to raise money.

Politico reported people have received numerous robocalls from groups claiming to be raising money to support the former president.

The reporters spoke to one of the telemarketers behind the campaigns. That individual claimed “100 percent of the contributions” go directly to Trump. However, the telemarketer doesn’t represent Trump’s official political action committee (PAC), Save America.

Some of the telemarketers claim they represent the Campaign to Support Republican Leaders. Others claim to be working for the Campaign to Support the President. All roads appear to lead to an official group called Support American Leaders PAC.

Politico looked into that PAC in 2019 and determined it had “no actual ties” to Trump. Known as “scam PACs,” these groups have created problems with Republicans and Democrats alike. It got so bad during the 2020 elections, Trump’s campaign publicly disavowed the group.

Persons interested in donating to Donald Trump can do so at the official Save America PAC, found at

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