Prince Charles Helping Andrew Handle Abuse Settlement

Prince Charles Helping Andrew Handle Abuse Settlement

( – Despite all the fanfare that accompanies being a member of the British Royal Family, it turns out Prince Andrew has a cash flow problem. As a result, Andrew found himself in over his head when he recently settled a lawsuit brought against him by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims.

The court filing didn’t specify an amount. However, a joint statement attached to the settlement agreement confirmed Andrew would make a hefty donation to a charity launched by the plaintiff, Virginia Giuffre.

British royals spent weeks denying rumors that Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, would ultimately pay his settlement at taxpayer expense. But, as it turned out, that claim is reportedly partially valid.

On Sunday, March 6, The Irish Sun reported that Andrew’s brother, Prince Charles, will put up most of the money to cover the settlement. The Queen will pay the rest, and no public cash is reportedly being used. Current estimates place the amount at 7.0 million British pounds or nearly 9.2 million US dollars.

Andrew, who is currently unemployed, is expected to pay back the debt through the sale of his Swiss chalet. If for some reason, he doesn’t repay the debt, the outstanding balance will allegedly be deducted from his eventual inheritance from the Queen.

On March 8, news outlets reported that that case against Andrew was officially dismissed, meaning that as long as his settlement is paid, he won’t have to go to trial.

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