Poll Shows How GOP Voters Feel About Ron DeSantis

Poll Shows How GOP Voters Feel About Ron DeSantis

(RepublicanPress.org) – The 2024 presidential election is still far away. However, that hasn’t stopped politicos from speculating about who might run on the Republican ticket. Nationwide polling has previously shown the GOP nomination could be former President Donald Trump’s for the taking if he decides he wants it, but a recent poll in his home state shows another Republican is gaining popularity as well.

On February 24, the University of North Florida’s (UNF) Public Opinion Research Lab (PORL) published the results of a new poll showing Florida Republicans narrowly support Gov. DeSantis over President Trump in a 2024 match.

Asked about a possible 2024 GOP primary race between DeSantis and Trump, 44% of participants said they would support the governor, and 41% said they would go with Trump. Two percent (2%) of the Republicans polled said they preferred another candidate, 7% said they didn’t know who they would choose, and 6% refused to respond to the question.

UNF political science professor and PORL faculty head Dr. Michael Binder said the lab thought asking about that hypothetical match-up might return interesting results since both men consider Florida home. He also noted that Florida is a key state in presidential elections and serves as “an outlier compared to national polling” figures.

Who do you support in a hypothetical race between DeSantis and Trump in the upcoming 2024 Republican presidential primaries?

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