POLL: Most Georgia Voters Support Special Session to Audit Election Votes

POLL: Most Georgia Voters Support Special Session To Audit Election Votes

(RepublicanPress.org) – Controversy continues to rage surrounding the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. It seems voters are standing with President Donald Trump in the fight to ensure only legal votes counted.

The Trump campaign has several lawsuits alleging voting irregularities winding their way through the court system. Continuing this trend, President Donald Trump reached out to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, asking him to order an absentee ballots audit during a December 5 phone call.

The president also called for a special session of Georgia’s legislature because election officials refused three prior requests by Gov. Kemp for a signature audit.

Concern over the presidential election results has spilled over into Georgia’s upcoming January 5 Senate runoff elections. On December 5, a new poll was released that showed voters overwhelmingly supported the governor calling a special legislative session to verify signatures on mail-in ballots for the Senate runoffs. Nearly 60% of likely voters supported the measure to less than 40% who were opposed.

With the balance of power in the Senate at stake, the January runoff results couldn’t be more critical. Early voting starts on Monday, December 14. If you live in Georgia, you can contact your Country Registrar Office if you have any questions about those elections.

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