Police Raid Pro-Democracy Newspaper Headquarters in Hong Kong

Police Raid Pro-Democracy Newspaper Headquarters in Hong Kong

(RepublicanPress.org) – In the wake of months of unrest in Hong Kong, Chinese officials passed a wide-reaching security law in June 2020. The law reduced the city’s self-rule and increased the ability to exact harsh punishments on protesters. The law provided the legal framework for criminalizing civilian acts that challenged Communist China’s authority over the city. China took control of the city from the United Kingdom in 1997.

On June 17, international human rights groups denounced Hong Kong authorities after they mobilized more than 500 police officers to raid the headquarters of Apple Daily, a local newspaper.


Law enforcement officials took five directors of the newspaper into custody under the recently passed new security law. All 5 were charged with violating Article 29, which prohibits “collusion with a foreign country” or other “external elements” creating a national security risk. Conviction in a court of law carries a maximum term of life in prison.

This incident marked the second time authorities raided the newspaper’s headquarters in under a year. The first raid occurred in August 2020. A group of more than 200 police officers stormed the newsroom shortly after the new security law went into effect.

Some experts say this situation represents the latest move by China to remake Hong Kong in its own image. The situation is sad considering Hong Kong citizens enjoyed freedom for decades under British rule.

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