Police Looking Into Unsolved Cases With Links To Deceased Convict

Police Looking Into Unsolved Cases With Links To Deceased Convict

(RepublicanPress.org) – In August 2022, The Kent County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Major Case Unit detectives from Michigan arrested Garry Dean Artman in Mississippi for the 1996 murder of Sharon Hammack. Kent County prosecutors then charged him with felony murder and criminal sexual conduct. In September 2023, a jury found Artman guilty on both counts, and a judge subsequently sentenced him to life without parole. However, Artman didn’t serve very long behind bars.

On January 4, Fox News reported that Kent County Sheriff’s detectives questioned the murderer several times before he died of lung cancer in prison in Jackson, Michigan, on December 28, 2023. They believe Artman could have committed other unsolved murders. They wouldn’t specify how many homicide cases were linked to the deceased killer, but Kent County Lt. Eric Brunner said Artman revealed information during the interviews that could “connect the dots” for some investigations.

WoodTV reported that according to sources, Artman confessed to 11 other murders on his deathbed. Ten of those allegedly happened in Grand Rapids, Michigan — including Hammack. The other murder was that of Dusty Shuck, a 24-year-old woman from New Mexico who was beaten and stabbed to death in Maryland in May 2006. Police matched Artman’s DNA to the Shuck murder, but a trial never took place because of the murderer’s health condition. Still, the report from WoodTV said there were 17 women who went missing or were found dead in the Grand Rapids area around the time Hammack was murdered. It’s unclear if detectives are only looking into the murders Artman allegedly confessed to or were expanding the investigation to include all 17.

The killer reportedly had a long criminal history dating back to 1981, when he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct.

Brunner said his detectives were working hard to hopefully “bring closure” to the families impacted by Artman’s heinous actions, according to WoodTV. He said there’s a lot of work to be done.

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