Police Investigate After Swatting Incident

Police Investigate After Swatting Incident

(RepublicanPress.org) – Swatting is when someone calls law enforcement with claims of criminal activity against an innocent, uninvolved party. The intent is that the police will bombard the house, scaring, arresting, or potentially even harming the victim. According to Business Insider, a swatter could spend decades in prison for the act. Politicians, public figures, and celebrities are easy targets for swatting incidents.

On December 26, The Hill reported that Representative Brandon Williams (R-NY) was swatted on Christmas. Fortunately for the legislator, the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office called him before traveling to his home, removing the element of surprise that can get so many hurt in these situations. Williams posted about the event on social media, stating that five police cars responded to his home that day, but they were all “polite” and “professional.” The lawmaker said he gave them all “homemade cookies and spiced nuts” and sent them on their way.

But Williams wasn’t the only politician who received a visit from law enforcement on Christmas day. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was also a victim of this dangerous prank. The incident marked the eighth swatting event for the controversial Georgia lawmaker. She also posted on social media afterward, stating her appreciation for her local police officers. The caller reportedly contacted police several times that day, requesting emergency services and pinging Greene’s home address. According to the Associated Press, a New York man called a suicide hotline in Georgia, stating he shot his girlfriend at Greene’s house and was going to take his own life. Police contacted the representative’s security detail and addressed the situation. Law enforcement was not dispatched to her home.

As for Williams, Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck said the perpetrator called law enforcement to the lawmaker’s home, stating there was a “shooting incident” there. CNN Politics reported that the sheriff’s office is investigating the incident. The US Capitol Police and FBI are also involved in the ongoing investigations of both incidents.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu was also reportedly made the victim of a swatting incident on December 25.

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