Police Investigate After School Leader Faces Disturbing Allegations

Police Investigate After School Leader Faces Disturbing Allegations

(RepublicanPress.org) – The nation’s school boards have become a hotbed of controversy regarding parental rights versus school district mandates. Things have reached the point where the US Justice Department and FBI started monitoring the situation. Disturbing allegations involving the Scottsdale, Arizona, school board president have now prompted an investigation by local officials.

The controversy began when School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg sent an email to a parent that included a screenshot of an image stored on a Google Drive. Kim Stafford took note of the drive’s URL and shared it with other parents who reportedly discovered a dossier containing Facebook screenshots and information on parents who opposed school district mask mandates, the teaching of critical race theory, and other grievances.

Confronted over the dossier, Greenburg said he lives with his parents and shares a computer with his father, Mark Greenburg. He denied any knowledge of the dossier’s existence, adding that his father set up the Google Drive.

The controversy simmered for several weeks. Then, on November 12, Scottsdale Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Scott A. Menzel announced the district initiated the process of hiring a forensic investigator to determine if any school resources were accessed or otherwise used to put together the dossier.

Local news media outlets report the Scottsdale Police Department initiated an investigation as well. In a statement released on November 13, police said they knew about the situation and launched a probe into the dossier.

On November 15, the school board voted out Greenburg as president and called for his resignation. Greenburg said he wouldn’t step aside and claimed the school board didn’t have all the relevant facts. He said he was “confident” law enforcement officials would quickly resolve issues surrounding the dossier.

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