Plane Transporting Donald Trump Makes Emergency Landing

Plane Transporting Donald Trump Makes Emergency Landing

( – Former President Donald Trump surprised donors at a March 5 Republican National Committee (RNC) fundraiser in New Orleans, telling them he was considering running for a second term in 2024. But, unfortunately, he received a surprise of his own when his pilot had to force-land his private jet shortly after takeoff.

Trump was traveling to Palm Beach, Florida, where he resides with the former first lady, when one of the four engines on the airplane reportedly failed. The plane had only been in the air for about half an hour when the pilot decided to turn around and return to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

An unnamed individual told journalists an audio recording of the pilot’s transmission to the control tower indicated the landing was an “emergency.” However, another source disputed the use of that word during the recording.

Once the plane landed, RNC members scurried about, trying to find another airplane to ferry the former president back to Florida so he could return to his Mar-a-Lago retreat. They eventually managed to acquire a Dassault Falcon 900 for the evening from a donor, and Trump arrived at Palm Beach at about 3 a.m.

Shortly after this happened, Trump’s Save America PAC sent out an email to his supporters asking for their financial support for a new “Trump Force One” to replace his aging Boeing 757. The email quoted Trump saying he “can’t wait to unveil” the new private plane “for everyone to see.”

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