Peter Doocy Presses KFP Over Biden’s Abysmal Poll Numbers

( – Strategists say approximately six percent of the voters in six swing states will ultimately decide whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden can secure a second term. Democrats have reportedly expressed more concerns about the upcoming election than their Republican counterparts.

A review of recent polling figures sheds some light on the Democrats’ anxieties. For instance, a late April Morning Consult/Bloomberg swing states tracking poll showed Trump leading in five swing states, with Biden holding a slight advantage in Michigan. Similarly, a survey released by Redfield and Wilton Strategies in partnership with The Telegraph on May 13 showed the former president leading in all six.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy recently pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the president’s abysmal polling figures.

Biden’s Polling Numbers

Doocy has a reputation for holding Biden administration officials’ feet to the fire, and the May 14 White House daily press conference was no exception. When Jean-Pierre called on him, Doocy asked why she thought Americans were “so down” on the president at the current moment.

“What do you mean?” the press secretary responded.

Doocy said he understood that White House officials didn’t want to discuss the fact that Biden is polling below Trump in five of the six swing states. He pointed out that it appeared that nothing the White House was doing appeared to be “making [Biden] more popular.” “Why is that?” he asked.

Jean-Pierre said she would “speak more broadly” about his question as it related to “what the American people are going through.” She explained that the effort to rebuild the economy in the wake of the recent pandemic has created global concern.

Press Secretary Makes Excuses

The press secretary said the administration understood that people are concerned about gas prices. Blamed the trend on “Putin’s war,” a reference to the ongoing Russo-Ukraine War.

Pivoting, Jean-Pierre said Biden had “a lot to deal with” when he assumed office — “a lot of crises.” She said the president that reality “very, very seriously — and took action.” She cited the passage of the American Rescue Plan as an example of the administration’s effort to restore economic prosperity after months of lockdowns.

Doocy acknowledged that the White House understood that “people are hurting right now.” However, he pressed her once again to explain why nothing the administration is doing seems to address the American public’s concerns.

Jean-Pierre said she was trying to explain that the administration was going to continue to work on the problem. She also indicated that she wouldn’t discuss polls. “Those are for folks who are experts,” she explained.

The press secretary concluded her response by stating that the White House understood “what the American people [are] feeling,” adding, “That is why we’re going to continue to.. work.”

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