Pentagon Announces Deployment of Around 900 Troops

Pentagon Announces Deployment of Around 900 Troops

( – The Biden administration has received significant pushback from top Republicans like newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for its ongoing effort to fund the war effort in Ukraine. So far, the US has committed nearly $30.5 billion in security assistance to the wartorn country but hasn’t provided any “boots on the ground” personnel. However, the administration is taking a significantly different approach to the war between Israel and the Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

On October 26, Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder (Air Force) held an on-camera press briefing to update news agencies on the current status of American efforts to provide military assistance to Israel and Ukraine. He confirmed that about 900 US troops had been deployed or were in the process of deploying to the US Central Command’s (CENTCOM’s) “Area of Responsibility” (AOR).

CENTCOM’s AOR includes more than four million square miles of territory spanning from Northeastern Africa through the Middle East to Southern and Central Asia. Military officials consider that region one of the world’s least stable and secure places due to malign influence, destabilizing activities, and widespread ethnic and sectarian struggles.

Ryder didn’t reveal the “specific deployment locations” for those troops, citing security concerns. But he did say they would not go to Israel. Instead, he explained that they were being deployed to support “deterrence efforts and… [strengthen] US force protection capabilities” in the region.

The Pentagon spokesperson said the troops would deploy to the Middle East from the continental United States. Units receiving deployment orders included air defense elements from Texas, including headquarters units from Fort Cavazos and Fort Bliss.

Additionally, the Pentagon was deploying Avenger and Patriot missile batteries from North Carolina’s Fort Liberty. Likewise, an additional Patriot battery from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, was being sent to the Middle East along with a “terminal high-altitude area defense battery from Fort Bliss.

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III placed US troops on “prepare to deploy orders” on October 21. He cited the need to increase operational readiness and the ability to quickly send troops to the Middle East on short notice, “as required.”

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