Pelosi’s Childhood Memory Fuels Social Media Mockery

Pelosi's Childhood Memory Fuels Social Media Mockery

Pelosi MOCKED After Bizarre Comment – Is She Okay?

( – Despite warnings to stay away from the island, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) landed in Taiwan on August 2 for a visit. While making her rounds in the Indo-Pacific region, the legislator relayed a childhood memory about her being told she could reach China if she dug deep enough in the sand at the beach, fueling her “connection” to the region. The statement drew a barrage of mockery on social media, as many wondered what kind of message America was sending to the world.

Benny Johnson from Turning Point USA posted the clip on Twitter with the lawmaker’s words, responding with a simple laugh-until-you-cry emoji and a confused, “What?”

Meanwhile, another Twitter user quipped:

Others were more aggressive in their criticism. For instance, Outkick’s Clay Travis also took to social media to describe what Pelosi said before writing, “We are truly led by imbeciles.”

The truth is, nobody sent her to Taiwan. The legislator made that decision of her own volition, even though the White House was allegedly against the move and China threatened military action if she dared land in the sovereign territory.

What do you think of the House speaker’s comments? Do you think she deserves the backlash on social media?

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