Pelosi Stops Reporter Asking About Joe Biden’s “Corruption”

Pelosi Stops Reporter Asking About Joe Biden's

( – Nearly four years were spent on the Russia witch hunt, leading to the unsuccessful impeachment of President Donald Trump earlier this year. Now, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has the unmitigated audacity to stifle a reporter asking about recent corruption allegations surrounding Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

The reporter, Kerry Picket of the Washington Examiner, was immediately shut down by Pelosi before she could finish her question, telling her she “didn’t have time for her questions.”

The Biden Campaign is currently in a tailspin amid mounting allegations of corruption. For instance, on October 22, Fox News reported about documents it obtained potentially linking the Bidens to an FBI investigation into a possible money laundering scheme, or multiple.

According to Fox News, it’s unclear whether that investigation is ongoing. However, with less than two weeks until the presidential election, the report itself could have a detrimental effect on Biden’s campaign.

History Repeats Itself

This isn’t the first time Pelosi attempted to silence Picket. In April, a similar scene unfolded when the journalist asked about a sexual assault allegation lodged against Biden by Tara Reade, a former Senate aide. The speaker shushed her that time as well, responding she didn’t need a “lecture” or “speech” from her.

Reade accused Biden of pinning her against a Senate Building wall and assaulting her in 1993, claiming she told others about the incident at the time. Two of her friends and her brother confirmed she told them about the incident in 2019 when she went public with her claims.

Democrats can shut down reporters all they want, but the mounting allegations against Joe Biden aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. Particularly given the serious nature of these claims. Making matters worse for team Biden, President Trump called on Attorney General William Barr to take action on the matter.

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