Parler Slams Biden for Colluding With Big Tech to Silence America

Parler Slams Biden for Colluding With Big Tech to Silence America

( – President Joe Biden is under fire after his administration admitted to trying to censor people and then verbally attacking those same Americans. Parler, a conservative social media site, is now joining the chorus of voices speaking out against the president.

It all started on July 16, when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted the Biden administration was coordinating censorship efforts with Facebook. In some instances, they are flagging posts containing so-called “misinformation” regarding COVID-19.

A few days later, Biden took things up a notch and told reporters the social media company was “killing people.” He later tried to walk that statement back by blaming users for the spread of false information. Parler quickly followed up with a fiery statement blasting Biden for “overstepping” First Amendment protections with his rhetoric.

As Parler explained, “while [Biden] now places primary blame” for COVID-related deaths on Facebook users, his administration is still “asking” big tech companies to “pick and choose” what information users can post on their platforms.

Parler warned that Biden’s rhetoric “should concern” all Americans for a couple of reasons. First, the Biden administration is taking the position that any information not aligned with its COVID-19 recommendation is “misinformation” and shouldn’t be posted online. Second, the First Amendment protects the expression of all speech, accurate or not.

It’s one thing for Facebook and other social media platforms to independently censor or moderate content that doesn’t conform to its policies. However, the idea of the government stepping in and coordinating efforts to stem the flow of information is not only problematic, but a violation of the Constitution.

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