Parents Express Concerns About Long-Term Remote Learning

Parents Express Concerns About Long-Term Remote Learning

( – Parents face mounting uncertainty with COVID-19 cases on the rise in several states, as well as with the cold and flu season just around the corner. A group of Texas mothers is voicing concerns for the immediate future.

On Tuesday, September 7, a couple of Richardson, Texas mothers, Lauren McDonough and Racheal Potter, spoke to “Fox & Friends” after a neighboring school district switched back to remote learning in the wake of a surge in infections in school children. They expressed concerns that their children faced a similar fate and pointed out that their learning has already been interrupted for more than a year due to the pandemic.

“We are afraid,” McDonough told the hosts. She worries her children will fall behind in their studies due to looming school closures. Potter echoed that sentiment, adding that many school districts don’t consider the various needs of their children when deciding whether or not to shut down in-person learning.

Many kids rely on schools for breakfast and lunch at the school Potter’s children attend. Closing schools and sending healthy children home to study remotely “just isn’t acceptable,” she explained.

While keeping kids safe and healthy is critical, are local and state officials sacrificing their educational experience in the process of protecting them?

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