Papua New Guinea Leader Hits Back At Biden After Disparaging Comments Made

( – President Joe Biden implied that cannibals from New Guinea ate his maternal uncle Ambrose Finnegan’s remains during an April 17 speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He told a group of steelworkers that enemy combatants shot down Uncle Bosie’s Army Air Corps plane during World War II. The head of that southwestern Pacific island nation recently hit back at Biden for making those disparaging remarks.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister James Marape issued an official response to Biden’s claim on April 21. He graciously gave the US president the benefit of the doubt and conceded that his comments “may have been a slip of the tongue.” However, he followed up by noting that regardless of the motivation behind the claim, the PNG didn’t “deserve to be labeled” as a home for cannibals.

Marape said the PNG didn’t do anything to provoke World War II. Nevertheless, the country was “needlessly dragged into [that] conflict.” He explained that remnants from that tragic conflict remained “scattered” across the PNG’s countryside and waters, “including the plane that carried… Biden’s uncle.”

Marape suggested that perhaps now would be a good time for the US to try to recover as many remains of World War II from the PNG as possible in light of the global reaction to Biden’s remarks.

Marape stressed the importance of his suggestion by reminding people that several remnants from the war, like ship and airplane wrecks, remained scattered about the PNG and the nearby Solomon Islands. He also noted that his people lived with the constant fear of being killed by an undetonated bomb.

The prime minister concluded his statement by urging Biden to get his administration to take action to clean up those World War II remains “so the truth” about missing service members like “Ambrose Finnegan can be put to rest.”

So far, the White House hasn’t responded to Marape’s statement. However, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre conceded that cannibals didn’t eat Biden’s uncle while speaking with reporters during a recent press gaggle.

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