Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Up About Health Troubles in Interview

Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Up About Health Troubles in Interview

(RepublicanPress.org) – Born in 1948 in Birmingham, England, John Michael Osbourne gained the nickname Ozzy when he was just a boy. That name stuck, and the world grew to know Ozzy Osbourne as the deeply talented, gothic, wildly outrageous lead singer of the ‘70s band Black Sabbath. By 1973, after several hits donned high in the music charts in both the UK and the US, Black Sabbath and Osbourne achieved platinum status in the United States. At nearly 75 years old, the megastar still holds music and his loyal fans over the years close to his heart.

Recently, Rolling Stone interviewed Osbourne to talk about his career and his health, wondering if the world will ever see him perform on stage again. The singer said he’s “taking it one day at a time,” promising that if he’s able to “perform again, [he] will.” Osbourne said he was “p*ssed off” that the media keeps pointing to his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 2003 as the reason he’s not touring. He said reading headlines like, “Ozzy is fighting his last battle” makes him angry because it has nothing to do with why he’s not on stage.

Instead, he pointed to his four back surgeries as the culprits for pulling him away from performing. He said something went wrong with the second surgery, leaving him basically “crippled.” During the fourth surgery, the doctor put a “f**king rod” in his spine. As a result, his balance is now off. He described it as “pretty rough.” His wife, Sharon Osbourne, said he doesn’t like being home. He’d rather be performing.

Ozzy said even if he can’t do regular shows, he’d like to do at least one more to thank his fans for giving him the wonderful life that he’s had all these years. The singer said his fans still write to him and are very loyal. He thinks of them all as his extended family. If he died on stage doing a last show, Ozzy said he’d “die a happy man.”

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