Ohio Convict Reportedly Ran Drug Operation From Prison

Ohio Convict Reportedly Ran Drug Operation From Prison

(RepublicanPress.org) – While pharmaceutical fentanyl has its place in healthcare, the illegally made version of the opioid is downright dangerous. According to the CDC, the substance is 100 times stronger than morphine and often finds its way into other illegal drugs, many times leading to an overdose. Fentanyl has no smell or taste and it is invisible when added to other substances. Recently, authorities cracked a drug trafficking ring peddling the substance and other drugs, and one of the men involved was running the operation from behind bars.

On November 14, the US Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Ohio issued a press release stating that federal, state, local, and international police worked together to crack the ring. The group was moving synthetic opioids — including fentanyl — and cannabinoids into the US and distributing them through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and elsewhere. Ohio Penitentiary resident Brian Lumbus led the pack from his jail cell, coordinating the effort from behind bars while directing his minions to do the heavy lifting. In all, 11 people were charged for their involvement in the operation.

Lumbus reportedly had connections both inside and outside the United States. United States Attorney Rebecca Lutzko thanked all those involved in taking down the operation for their hard work. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said the department will continue to work with its partners across the country and the world to “pursue all those who seek to profit from poisoning Americans,” according to the press release.

Lumbus allegedly worked with his Italian contact, Giancarlo Miserotti, to obtain the controlled substances, export them to Italy, and then move them to the US. Once there, the drugs reportedly moved to the distributors and then to customers within the United States.

The defendants were mostly from Ohio but also included one defendant from Italy, two from Tennessee, and one from Pennsylvania. They were all charged with conspiracy and drug-related offenses; nine had additional charges for racketeering, and eight of them faced money laundering charges.

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