Officials Preparing As Antifa Stockpiles Weapons in Portland

Officials Preparing As Antifa Stockpiles Weapons in Portland

( – The year 2020 is nearly one for the record books, and it couldn’t come any sooner for many Americans. Democratic-led cities echoed with the sounds of social and political unrest coming from radical groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa members. So-called peaceful demonstrations quickly turned violent, terrorizing citizens and causing the closures of many businesses, some permanently.

One of the cities hit hardest was Portland, Oregon, and sadly it appears the worst is yet to come. On December 9, PJ Media reported that Antifa members in Portland’s autonomous zone have been making preparations for a siege.

Chief Chuck Lowell reported the group was stockpiling weapons, stationed armed guards and barricades around their location, and threatened the lives of law enforcement officers should they decide to enter their perimeter.

He addressed Portland’s citizens in the tweet above, advising his officers were aware of the situation and hoped that Antifa members would reach out and come to a peaceful resolution to matters. Continuing, he warned that his officers would use force if necessary to restore law and order.

Perhaps President Donald Trump was right to send in federal troops to restore Portland’s peace earlier this year. Maybe it’s time they returned.

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