Officer Saves Young Boy From Drowning

Officer Saves Young Boy From Drowning

( – America’s law enforcement officers place their lives at risk on a daily basis to accomplish their essential mission of protecting and serving the citizens living in their various jurisdictions. A California Highway Patrol (CHP) bravely sprung into action on December 6, when he reportedly came across a woman attempting to drown a 4-year-old boy.

The unnamed CHP officer responded to a report of a Dodge Caravan blocking traffic on a road located in northern California’s Yuba County. While inspecting the vehicle, he heard screams coming from an irrigation canal lying parallel to the roadway.

When the officer approached, he saw 31-year-old Taylor Delaine Green attempting to hold the boy’s head under the water. He immediately tried to wrestle the boy from her grip. However, Green quickly submerged herself and the boy in about five feet of water.

The two wrestled with each other as CHP officials eventually arrived at the scene and moved the boy to safety. Meanwhile, Green continued fighting with the CHP officer, trying to take his weapon.

CHP officials eventually took Green into custody, later charging her with child endangerment, attempted murder, attempting to take an officer’s weapon, and resisting arrest. They also charged her with driving under the influence.

Green currently remains in jail on a $500,000 cash bond.

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