NY Lawmaker: Immigrants Will Support Trump, His Treatment Similar to Opposition Leaders in Countries They Fled

(RepublicanPress.org) – The fallout from Donald Trump’s recent conviction by a Manhattan jury remains unclear. The Biden campaign didn’t receive the boost anticipated by many, with the former president leading Joe Biden by one point in the latest 538/ABC News polling average and half a percentage point advantage from RealClearPolitics. However, a Republican lawmaker recently predicted that Trump would come out ahead where it counts — in the polling statements in November.

On June 9, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) sat down for an interview for Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.” She told host Jon Glasgow that she thought “immigrants would be surrounding themselves [with] support for Trump” because they can see and understand what is happening to him at the beckoning of his detractors.

Malliotaki said the former president’s legal peril occurred in socialist and third-world countries — the “political prosecution” of the head of state’s “leading opponent.” She noted that Immigrants don’t want to see that kind of illicit conduct come to the US.

The lawmaker explained that she comes from a diverse district [southern Brooklyn and Staten Island] filled with people from China, Albania, and Egypt, along with “Hispanics like my mother.” Malliotaki’s father was Greek.

Malliotaki said wherever her constituents were from, they didn’t want to experience the situation they fled — “the political prosecution of an opponent” as part of an effort to “interfere with elections” and an “attempt to silence them” at the voting booths.

The New York lawmaker concluded her remarks by noting that Trump’s persecution is the reason why the country is seeing “such a diverse coalition” building to support his candidacy. “And, that’s what is really going to pivot [the election] into victory” for the former president in November.

Malliotaki is the only Republican from a New York City district serving in Congress. She’s also one of only five GOP lawmakers in NYC. The others serve on the city council.

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