Nurse Found Guilty of Capital Murder

Nurse Found Guilty of Capital Murder

( – All too often, the wheels of justice turn slowly, particularly in capital murder cases. However, time recently ran out for a 37-year-old Texas nurse accused of murdering his patients in 2017 and 2018.

On Tuesday, October 19, a Smith County, Texas, jury took only about an hour to convict former nurse William George Davis of the capital murder of four of his patients. Davis stood accused of injecting air directly into the patients’ arteries, creating neurological events that eventually killed all four men.

A Dallas-based professor and pulmonologist named Dr. William Yarbrough testified about the effects of injecting air into the vascular system of live patients. As he explained, it causes massive brain injury, leading to death.

Yarbrough also testified that he determined the cause of death of the men by viewing brain scan images. He told jury members he had never observed the phenomenon in his decades of medical practice until he studied the scans of the four men killed by Davis.

Due to the horrific nature of the crimes, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Davis. The punishment phase of his trial began on Wednesday, October 20. However, it remains unclear how long it might take for the jury to rule on his punishment.

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