Noted Doctor Discusses Trump Administration’s Vaccine Purchases

Noted Doctor Discusses Trump Administration's Vaccine Purchases

( – President Donald Trump and his administration have recently come under fire for reportedly turning down an offer to purchase additional doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer suggested the agreement last summer, months before the vaccine proved successful in clinical trials.

With Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) all but assured, states are expected to begin receiving doses within a matter of days.

However, according to medical researcher and noted cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Reiner, there are a couple of problems with the criticism leveled at the Trump administration. On December 8, CNN host Erin Burnett interviewed him and discussed efforts to obtain enough coronavirus vaccine doses.

Addressing criticism of the deal with Pfizer, or lack thereof, Dr. Reiner pointed to the president’s recent executive order ensuring the United States gets access to COVID-19 vaccines from American countries ahead of other nations. In Dr. Reiner’s opinion, the order will take care of any concerns, specifically with Pfizer, regarding the quantity of doses for the nation.

The Administration’s Proactive Approach To Purchasing Vaccines

Dr. Reiner also discussed the bigger picture regarding the White House strategy to pre-purchase vaccines from manufacturers.

Uncertain of which company might come up with a vaccine first, the Trump administration opted to purchase doses from several companies to cover the bases. For example, it purchased 300 million doses from Oxford-AstraZeneca, which had the most promising vaccine at the time. It also purchased 100 million doses from Moderna and 100 from Pfizer over the summer.

Continuing, Dr. Reiner said that in his opinion, the country had enough initial doses to last until Pfizer and others could produce more. Moderna is expected to receive approval for an EUA later this week, and the Trump administration announced the purchase of an additional 100 doses from the company on Friday, December 11.

If Dr. Reiner’s assessment of the situation proves correct, it looks like the country is in good hands with the White House Coronavirus Task Force at the helm.

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