North Korea Warns COVID-19 Might Be Transmitted in Dust

North Korea Warns COVID-19 Might Be Transmitted in Dust

( – Long known for being one of the world’s most oppressive countries, North Korea exercises harsh control measures on its citizens. Concerned over the potentially devastating consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the government recently imposed new restrictions on its citizens to prevent its spread.

Official state-run television warned North Koreans to avoid a seasonal yellow dust cloud originating from China. According to an October 21 report, the fine dust accompanying the cloud could contain pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.

State media instructed citizens to stay indoors whenever possible and to wear masks at all times outdoors. Additionally, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry ordered all foreign visitors to remain indoors at all times until the cloud passed.

Despite those warnings, global media remains skeptical about those claims.

First, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un insists the country has no confirmed COVID-19 cases, although foreign media reported hundreds of deaths in the country in March 2020.

Second, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports the coronavirus most commonly spreads between people coming into close contact with each other, typically within two arm lengths, or about six feet of each other.

Global health officials and news media report there’s no known link between COVID-19 and seasonal dust clouds. It’s essential to look at reliable sources regarding the coronavirus pandemic like the CDC’s COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

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