North Korea Tests New Missile

North Korea Tests New Missile

( – North Korea’s Kim Jong-un unilaterally halted testing nuclear weapons and long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2018 after he initiated diplomatic talks with then-President Donald Trump. That suspension of testing appeared to change over the weekend.

On Monday, September 13, North Korea’s official central news agency, the “Workers Daily,” reported that military officials tested a new long-range cruise missile system. The missile supposedly traveled about 932 miles over a period of about 2 hours before it crash-landed in an undisclosed location.

The announcement raised new concerns regarding Pyongyang’s possible re-engagement of its nuclear weapons program. North Korean officials described the system as a “strategic weapon of great significance,” confirming those concerns.

Melissa Hanham, an affiliate with Stanford University, told reporters the missile test represented an important “milestone” for Kim Jong-un’s program. The international security expert also confirmed that cruise missiles presented a challenge for monitoring efforts by nearby South Korea and Japan.

The timing of the missile tests coincided with President Joe Biden’s representative for North Korea’s meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts to discuss stalled talks. According to a report from The Independent, some think it might indicate Kim Jong-un’s interest in resuming talks.

Will Biden be able to get Kim Jong-un to come back to the table?

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