North Korea Reportedly Deploying Satellites to Watch US and Allies

North Korea Reportedly Deploying Satellites to Watch US and Allies

( – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has continued his long-standing pattern of provoking Western interests throughout President Joe Biden’s time in office. He’s reportedly conducted provocative military exercises and several missile tests despite outstanding prohibitions on North Korean weapons systems. Most recently, it appears his attention has increasingly turned to the use of satellites to spy on the United States and its allies.

Last week, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Kim Jong-un’s recent inspection of a National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) facility. Officials from the NADA and North Korea’s Academy of Defense Science briefed him on scientists’ recent research and development efforts in the realm of satellite technology.

The discussions focused on North Korea’s space defense program. Officials briefed Kim Jong-un on recent developments with high-resolution camera systems, video transmitters, data transceivers, and related devices engineered for use on observation satellites.

The North Korean leader talked with reporters after the inspection about the strategic value of developing reconnaissance satellite systems to prevent foreign aggression and enhance North Korean war preparedness. However, according to him, the satellites don’t serve any offensive purposes.

Additionally, Kim Jong-un talked about the progress made so far with his five-year plan to launch numerous military reconnaissance satellites to provide “real-time information [regarding] military actions” by the United States and its allies.

Do you believe Kim Jong-un’s claims the satellites serve to heighten North Korea’s defense systems?

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