North Korea Cites “Alien Things” as Cause for COVID-19 Outbreak

North Korea Cites “Alien Things” as Cause for COVID-19 Outbreak

North Korea Drops OUTLANDISH Claim – They Can’t Be Serious!

( – For a large portion of the coronavirus pandemic, North Korea allegedly remained largely untouched. However, the country reported a breakout beginning in mid-April; a surge the closed-off country now blames on “alien things” crossing the southern border.

A state media source stated two people came into contact with materials in Kumgang County and later came down with the virus. North Korea believes the objects were balloons and leaflets infected with COVID-19 that flew on the wind from South Korea.

Items flying over the border are nothing new, as activists and others who defected from the totalitarian nation often send humanitarian aid and propaganda across to the north. However, this time, officials believe they were carrying much more than that.

A researcher from the Korea Institute of National Unification, Hyung Joong Park, said citizens in the north are simply trying to blame the south for the current coronavirus spread. He said they want to create “suspicion” about the leaflets so they can villainize the South while avoiding accountability for their own failures.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry stated there’s no way leaflets from their country caused any kind of infection outbreak. The country’s disease control center said spreading COVID-19 in such a way would be impossible.

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