North Korea Blasts Humanitarian Aid From US As a “Scheme”

North Korea Blasts Humanitarian Aid From US As a

( – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a series of statements over the weekend praising the 60th anniversary of a mutual defense agreement. KCNA, the state-run North Korean news agency, reported the two leaders vowed to work together to push back against “hostile forces.” Agence France-Presse claimed that the report was intended to send a message to the United States amid stalled talks.

On July 12, Reuters reported that North Korea’s foreign ministry stated Kang Hyon Chol, a senior researcher, blasted potential US humanitarian aid efforts as part of a “sinister political scheme” to pressure the country into operating in accordance with American interests.

According to Chol, America has a long history of linking humanitarian aid to so-called human rights issues as part of an effort to justify their meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. Many other countries have endured the “bitter tastes… of pinning much hope on American… humanitarian assistance,” he concluded.

The US currently doesn’t plan to provide direct assistance to North Korea. Some experts suggest such aid could improve US-North Korean relations. However, in light of Chol’s accusation, that might not turn out to be the case.

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