Nikki Haley Stops Short of Endorsing Trump as She Drops Out

Nikki Haley Stops Short of Endorsing Trump as She Drops Out

( – Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) was the last presidential GOP primary candidate standing against former President Donald Trump in 2024. While she claimed victory in Washington DC and Vermont, Haley lost most of the primary races and caucuses held thus far. After Super Tuesday, she dropped out of the race.

On March 6, CBS News reported that the former Republican candidate formally announced she was suspending her campaign but didn’t endorse Trump for the White House. During her speech, she acknowledged the former US leader would likely win the nomination, saying it was now up to him to “earn the votes” within the Republican “party and beyond.” She said, “Politics is about bringing people into your cause, not turning them away.”

Throughout the last months of Haley’s campaign, she made it clear that she thought a second Trump presidency would be “suicide” for the US. She didn’t hold back when criticizing him during her run.

While it’s true that Trump largely swept Super Tuesday, the results weren’t a blowout. In fact, Haley picked up about one-third of primary votes in many cases, leaving some to question his hold within the GOP for the general election. Before dropping out, the former SC governor earned 91 delegates to Trump’s 1,060. According to The Washington Post, the former president might have a problem with Republicans who voted for Haley in the primary. Exit polls showed 37% of them will vote for President Joe Biden (D) in the general instead of Trump — a huge chunk.

After the results came in for Super Tuesday, Trump posted on his social media site saying she got “trounced…in record-setting fashion” while accusing Democrats of handing her the Vermont primary win. He said he hoped she stayed in the race while also inviting her supporters to get behind him.

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