Nikki Haley Confirms She Will Vote for Trump Despite Rivalry

( – On March 6, former UN ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced her decision to end her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. She noticeably didn’t endorse her rival, Donald Trump. However, she recently confirmed her pick when she casts her ballot in the November presidential election.

On May 22, Haley gave her inaugural speech after being named the Walter P. Stern Chair in mid-April. The event also marked her first public speaking engagement since she exited the presidential race.

After the speech, Haley sat down for an in-depth interview with Peter Rough, a senior fellow and the director of the Hudson Institute’s Center on Europe and Eurasia. Toward the end of the Q&A, Rough asked her who she thought would do a better job as president: Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Haley said her priorities for the commander-in-chief included having someone who understood that America needs less debt, not more. She also indicated that her pick for president would “support capitalism and freedom,” hold the nation’s enemies accountable, “secure the border — no more excuses,” and work with the nation’s allies.

Continuing, Haley conceded that Trump hadn’t demonstrated perfection regarding those policies. However, “Biden has been a catastrophe.”

“So, I will be voting for Trump,” Haley quickly added, drawing widespread applause from the audience.

Haley also said she stood by the advice she gave during her speech suspending her campaign — “Trump would be smart to reach out” to her supporters and “continue to support me and not assume” they would simply hop over and vote for him. She concluded that portion of the discussion by noting that she hoped the former president “does just that.”

So far, Trump and his campaign have yet to reach out to Haley’s supporters since her announcement. ABC News reported the deputy political director of Biden’s reelection team, Juan PeƱalosa, held a conference call with about 15 of her supporters later that evening.

Robert Schwartz, the head of the Haley Voters Working Group, organized the call. He told ABC News that the parties had scheduled the meeting before Haley’s presidential vote announcement.

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