NFL Player Among 10 Victims Involved in Florida Shooting Attack, 16-year-old Suspect in Custody

( – The latest figures from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) show that the prevalence of mass shootings is decreasing. As of April 30, the group reported 132 of those deadly incidents. If the current rate holds, the total figure for the year will reach 402. The GVA reported 414 mass shootings in 2019 and more than 600 annually during the next four years. Regardless, every incident is a tragedy affecting the victims, their families, and friends. An NFL player was among the individuals injured during the recent mass shooting in Florida.

On the evening of April 28, the Houston Texans issued a statement about the incident. The NFL franchise reported that one of its players, wide receiver Tank Dell, sustained a minor injury during the Sanford shooting.

The notice advised that a local hospital had already released him, and he was “in good spirits.” The notice concluded by advising that the teams’ “thoughts and prayers” were with everyone “involved in the incident.”

The Seminole Country Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) recently issued a statement detailing the April 28 shooting incident. Technically, the event doesn’t qualify as a mass shooting because no one died, but it’s significant as 10 people sustained injuries.

SCSO officials dispatched deputies to a “No One Leaves Sober” event at the Cabana Live venue in unincorporated Sanford. The officers had instructions to create an “area patrol” due to the presence of a couple hundred participants.

The statement noted that deputies expressed concerns about the number of patrons they discovered at the venue upon their arrival. However, their thoughts quickly turned to action when the law enforcement officials heard multiple gunshots originating from Cabana Live’s rear area.

The SCSO deputies quickly worked to disperse the crowd and located the shooter. Thankfully, an armed security guard successfully apprehended the suspect, a 16-year-old from nearby Daytona Beach named Christopher Bouie.

Sadly, sheriff’s deputies ascertained that 10 patrons had suffered injuries during the shooting incident. The SCSO’s statement confirmed that nine received treatment at a nearby hospital, and the hospital had released them as of April 30.

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