New Revelation Shakes up Abduction Case in Australia

New Revelation Shakes up Abduction Case in Australia

( – On Wednesday, November 3, Australian law enforcement officials rescued 4-year-old Cleo Smith from the clutches of alleged kidnapper Terence Kelly. Deputy Police Commissioner Col Blanch held a press conference a week later, telling the public the investigation into her abduction had a long way to go. However, later that day, news media exploded with a new revelation about her abductor.

No one else was present when law enforcement officers rescued Cleo. However, sources close to the investigation told the Daily Mail that the little girl told detectives a woman visited the apartment where she was held. According to the child, the woman dressed her and groomed her hair throughout the 18 days she was held in the home with the kidnapper who was reportedly obsessed with dolls.

Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine led the rescue mission and initially told reporters Kelly acted alone. He remained tight-lipped when asked about the revelation that Kelly may have had an accomplice. He said, for now, his team had a lot “more work to do.” Pressed on the progress of the investigation, Det-Sen Sgt Blaine did concede that the inquiry had shifted to whether or not “anyone else [was] involved” in Cleo’s abduction.

Det-Sen Sgt Blaine asked for anyone having any recent contact with Kelly to “make [themselves] known to the police.” As he explained, it didn’t matter if a person met with him in person, spoke on the phone with the suspect, or merely saw him out and about. Every tidbit of information helps.

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