New Report Reveals Disturbing CIA Scandal

New Report Reveals Disturbing CIA Scandal

( – The CIA has enjoyed more than its fair share of scandals, including waterboarding, extraordinary rendition, domestic wiretapping, lying to Congress, and a wealth of other alleged indiscretions. However, a new report suggests there’s a closely guarded secret that the American public hasn’t been privy to — until now, thanks to an in-depth investigation by BuzzFeed News, using Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits.

Disturbing Practices at the CIA Revealed

On December 1, BuzzFeed released a report detailing its inquiry into an alleged pattern of staffers committing sex crimes involving children. What investigative reporters Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier uncovered is nothing less than stunning.

The two men dug into declassified reports issued by the Office of the Inspector General for the CIA and other documents, spanning a period of 14 years. They uncovered evidence of child sex abuse involving 10 or more employees and contractors.

Incredibly, the report says only one suspect ever faced charges, although most of the cases were referred to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for prosecution.

What happened? It’s simple: the tight-lipped agency and federal prosecutors reportedly feared the possible disclosures of sources and techniques required for the successful prosecution of the offenders. One former official told BuzzFeed that taking agents and contractors to trial could result in a loss of agency control over “sensitive information.”

Asked about the concerns of CIA lawyers, the former official told BuzzFeed that “[The CIA] can’t have these people testify,” they might accidentally “disclose sources and methods.”

Here’s the kicker. The BuzzFeed report said that other federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Homeland Security Department (DHS) haven’t demonstrated any resistance when it comes to holding their employees and contractors criminally accountable for their misdeeds. The problem appears to be limited to the CIA.


The allegations discussed here and in the original BuzzFeed report raise alarming warning signs regarding America’s premier foreign intelligence service. Time and again, authorities have tried to constrain the agency’s tendencies to go rogue. Congress decried the need for change after the Senate released its infamous report on CIA torture in 2014. Alas, if the revelations in this report are accurate, accountability from the outside hasn’t appeared to have put a dent in the agency’s tendency to continue its misdeeds.

America witnessed the ‘Wall of Blue’ crumbling down earlier this year when high ranking police officials testified against former police officer Derek Chauvin during his murder trial. Perhaps it’s time for the CIA to lift its ‘Veil of Gray.’

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